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Nome #
New tools to model and evaluate binding affinity in aptamer-protein complexes 108
Il sapere si accresce se condiviso... dalla batteriorodopsina agli attameri 98
Nuove frontiere nello studio della materia vivente: dalle opsine agli attameri. 97
Bacterial phototrophic biomass as biosorbent for the removal of Nickel(II) from waste-waters 70
A photoelectrochemical transduction system based on solubilized photosynthetic reaction center proteins 61
Energia elettrica dai batteri: generazione di fotocorrenti mediante proteine microbiche purificate 60
Itinerario Rosa, Tavola Rotonda sul tema «Quando la tecnologia imita la natura: anche fra macchina e corpo l’integrazione nasce dal dialogo» I progressi della biosensoristica applicata alla medicina. 57
A mediatorless photoelectrochemical cell based on LIFT-immobilized Reaction Centers for the amperometric detection of herbicides 56
Seasonal variability of PM2.5 and PM10 oxidative potential and its correlation with chemical composition in an urban background site of Southern Italy 56
Itinerario Rosa. Tavola Rotonda dal titolo:Quando la tecnologia imita la natura: anche fra macchina e corpo l’integrazione nasce dal dialogo» I progressi della biosensoristica applicata alla medicina 54
Inhibitive Determination Of Metal Ions By An Amperometric Glucose Oxidase Biosensor. Study Of The Effect Of Hydrogen Peroxide Decomposition 53
A non-enzymatic sensor based on platinum–tellurium micromaterials for amperometric detection of glucose and hydrogen peroxide 53
Amperometric non-enzymatic bimetallic glucose sensor based on platinum tellurium microtubes modified electrode. 53
Speciazione di metalli attraverso estrazione chimica sequenziale in campioni di PM10, PM2.5 e PM1 rilevati simultaneamente in un sito industriale (Taranto) 53
Te Nanotubes Decorated with Pt Nanoparticles for Fuel Cell Applications 53
Caratterizzazione spettroscopica ed elettrochimica di nanoparticelle di Ag disperse in un film di polivinil alcol. Applicazioni nella rivelazione amperometrica di perossido d’idrogeno. 52
An Electrochemical Cell for Study by XPS of Lithium Intercalation in Oxide Films 51
Modeling the microscopic electrical properties of thrombin binding aptamer (TBA) for label-free biosensors 51
Functional incorporation of bacterial photosynthetic reaction centers in polydopamine nanospheres 50
Correlation of PM10 oxidative potential with ecotoxicological and cytotoxicological potential measured at an urban background site in Italy 49
A. Reaction Center-Based Screen-Printed Photoelectrochemical Cell for the Detection of Atrazine. 49
X-ray photoelectron spectroscopy as a non-conventional analytical technique for bio-organic materials characterization: the example of Arbacia lixula. 49
Influence of Saharan dust outbreaks and carbon content on oxidative potential of water-soluble fractions of PM 2.5 and PM 10 49
Model of the electrical response of anti-thrombin TBA aptamer in bio-sensing applications 49
Electrooxidation of Thiocyanate on the Copper-Modified Gold Electrode and its Amperometric Determination by Ion Chromatography 48
Tips for a (simple) interpretation of the impedance response of an electrochemical cell 48
Anodic Electrodeposition of Conducting Cobalt Oxyhydroxide Films on a Gold Surface. XPS Study and Electrochemical Behaviour in Neutral and Alkaline Solution 47
Low-Potential Sensitive H2O2 Detection Based on Composite Micro Tubular Te Adsorbed on Platinum Electrode 47
Development and Spectroscopic Characterization of TeO2-NWs for Amperometric Detection of H2O2Sensors 47
XPS surface chemical characterization of atmospheric particles of different sizes 47
Electrocatalytic Activity of alfa-MoO3 Plates Synthesized Through Resistive Heating Route 47
Design and modelling of a photo-electrochemical transduction system based on solubilized photosynthetic reaction centres 47
4. Caratterizzazione elettroanalitica e spettroscopica di film Langmuir-Schaefer di metallo-porfirazine di potenziale impiego in sensori per organoclorurati in acqua 46
Analisi quantitativa in XPS (x-ray photoelectron Spectroscopy): definizione ed applicazione di un parametro innovativo nella procedura di curve fitting 46
Characterization of hierarchical α-MoO3 plates toward resistive heating synthesis: electrochemical activity of α-MoO3/Pt modified electrode toward methanol oxidation at neutral pH 46
The infrared fingerprint of the soluble fraction of atmospheric aerosol: towards the identification of functional groups influencing oxidative potential 46
An extensive investigation of PM10 concentration and chemical composition in an urban background site 45
A new free enzymatic sensor based on platinum–tellurium micromaterials 45
Assessing the Quality of in Silico Produced Biomolecules: The Discovery of a New Conformer 45
Characterization of the Interface in Rubber/Silica Composite Materials 44
Catalytic Oxidation and Flow Detection of Hydrazine Compounds at a Nafion/Ruthenium (III) Chemically Modified Electrode 44
Functional enzymes in nonaqueous environment: the case of photosynthetic reaction centers in deep eutectic solvents 44
Modification of Gold Electrodes with Bacterial Reaction Centres Immobilized by Laser Induced Forward Transfer (LIFT) Technique for Amperometric Herbicide Detection 44
Synthesis and Characterization of Te Nanotubes Decorated with Pt Nanoparticles for a Fuel Cell Anode/Cathode Working at a Neutral pH 44
Analysis of the X-ray Photoelectron Energy-Loss Background in Silicides 43
Caratterizzazione spettroscopica ed elettrochimica di un biosensore amperometrico a base di GOx dispersa in un film di PVA modificato con nanoparticelle di Ag per la determinazione del glucosio 43
Caratterizzazione elettrochimica e spettroscopica di un sensore nanostrutturato per la determinazione amperometrica dell’acqua ossigenata 43
The oxidative potential of PM2.5 and PM10 at an urban site in Lecce: influence of the sources of combustion and transport of Saharan dust 43
QCM sensors for aqueous phenols based on active layers constituted by tetrapyrrolic macrocycle Langmuir-Blodgett films 43
Application of XPS technique to the chemical characterization of particulate matter in different size ranges 43
Nickel-macrocycle interaction in nickel(II) porphyrins and porphyrazines bearing alkylthio b-substituents: A combined DFT and XPS study. 43
Highly-Dispersed Copper Microparticles on the Active Gold Substrate as an Amperometric Sensor for Glucose 42
Caratterizzazione di un Elettrodo Bimetallico Oro/Rame come Sensore Amperometrico in LC. Determinazione di Alditoli, Carboidrati ed Amminoacidi in Matrici Reali 42
A novel nonenzymatic amperometric hydrogen peroxide sensor based on CuO@Cu2O nanowires embedded into poly(vinyl alcohol) 42
A New Probe of Bonding States in Intermetallic Compounds 41
An XPS Study of Microporous and Mesoporous Titanosilicati 41
Electrochemical and spectroscopic behavior of iron(III) porphyrazines in Langmuir-Schafer films 41
Spectroscopic and electrochemical characterization of Ag nanoparticles dispersed in a polyvinyl alcohol film and their use for the amperometric detection of glucose 41
Te oxide nanowires as advanced materials for amperometric nonenzymatic hydrogen peroxide sensing 41
A Biological-based Photo Electrochemical Cell: Modelling the Impedance Spectra 40
Ag Nanoparticles Capped by a Nontoxic Polymer: Electrochemical and Spectroscopic Characterization of a Novel Nanomaterial for Glucose Detection 40
Spectroscopic characterization of Te-based micro- and nanostructured materials for sensing applications 40
An extensive investigation of PM10 concentration and chemical composition in an urban background site 40
XPS AND FTIR spectroscopic characterization of phototrophic bacterial cells interacting with Nickel ions. 40
Modification Of Gold Electrodes With Bacterial Reaction Centres Immobilized By Laser Induced Forward Transfer (LIFT) Technique for amperometric herbicide detection 40
Mediator-free amperometric glucose biosensor based on glucose oxidase entrapped in poly(vinyl alcol) matrix 39
Tools for the development of electrochemical sensors: an EQCM flow cell with flow focusing 39
Development and spectroscopic characterization of TeO2 nanowires for amperometric detection of hydrogen peroxide 39
Application of XPS surface analysis for characterization of size-segregated particulate matter from a urban background site in Lecce 39
Characterization of TeO2 nanowires for amperometric application as bimetallic non-enzymatic hydrogen peroxide sensor 39
Characterization of the oxidative potential of water soluble fraction of atmospheric aerosol and its correlation with carbon concentrations 39
XPS Study and Electrochemical Behaviour of the Nickel Exacyanoferrate Film Electrode Upon Treatment in Alcaline solutions 38
An XPS Study of Ordered Microporous and Mesoporous TitanoSilicates 38
A new glucose biosensor based on glucose oxidase immobilized in polyvinyl alcohol film. 38
TRMC, XPS, and EPR characterizations of polycrystalline TiO2 porphyrin impregnated powders and their catalytic activity for 4-nitrophenol photodegradation in aqueous suspension 38
Glucose oxidase immobilized in polyvinyl alcohol film for antibacterial systems 38
The phototrophic bacterium Rhodobacter sphaeroides as a bio-catalyst for the reduction of Chromate to Chromium(III) 38
Electrochemical and spectroscopic characterization of Langmuir-Schäfer films based on the 2-chloroethoxyiron(III)ethylsulfanylporphyrazine 37
Analysis by X-ray photoelectron spectroscopy of ruthenium stabilised polynuclear hexacyanometallate film electrodes 37
null 37
Laser induced forward transfer (LIFT) functionalization of screen-printed electrodes with bacterial reaction centres for mediatorless herbicide biosensing 37
Structural and functional characterization of photosynthetic reaction centers in deep eutectic solvents. 37
Photoelectrodes with Polydopamine Thin Films Incorporating a Bacterial Photoenzyme 37
Analisi del potenziale ossidativo del PM2.5 e PM10 presso un sito di fondo urbano: influenza della frazione carboniosa. 37
Electrochemical Preparation of a Composite Gold-Cobalt Electrode and its Electrocatalytic Activity in Alkaline Medium 36
New insights from X-ray photoelectron spectroscopy into the chemistry of covalent enzyme immobilization, with glutamate dehydrogenase (GDH) on silicon dioxide as an example 36
Copper nanoparticles-conducting polymer composite and its catalytic application to glucose electrochemical sensing in a flow injection system 36
Nanocellulose/Fullerene Hybrid Films Assembled at the Air/Water Interface as Promising Functional Materials for Photo-Electrocatalysis 36
Analytical application of an amperometric biosensor based on glucose oxidase inhibition for the determination of heavy metal ions 35
Characterisation and source apportionment of PM10 in an urban background site in Lecce 35
Copper nanoparticles/poly-3-methylthiophene composite: Synthesis, characterization and catalytic application to enzyme-less glucose detecting 35
Source Apportionment del particolato atmosferico campionato con un impattore multistadio in un sito di fondo urbano. 35
Synthesis and characterization of large WO3 sheets synthesized by resistive heating method 35
Purple photosynthetic bacteria and sea urchin coelomocytes examination by X‐ray photoelectron spectroscopy as a non‐conventional analytical technique for bio‐organic materials 35
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