GUASCITO, Maria Rachele
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QCM sensors for aqueous phenols based on active layers constituted by tetrapyrrolic macrocycle Langmuir-Blodgett films, file de3e4ef4-5da9-b63b-e053-d805fe0ae1e8 7
Nickel ion extracellular uptake by the phototrophic bacterium Rhodobacter sphaeroides: new insights from Langmuir modelling and X-ray photoelectron spectroscopic analysis, file de3e4ef6-5cdc-b63b-e053-d805fe0ae1e8 7
Size-Resolved Redox Activity and Cytotoxicity of Water-Soluble Urban Atmospheric Particulate Matter: Assessing Contributions from Chemical Components, file 2285fb77-76a4-462d-9ad1-6c592db3b03b 5
Concentration and size distribution of atmospheric particles in southern Italy during COVID-19 lockdown period, file 7ef30b40-0105-449a-a61a-c07179cd6ce5 4
High scintillation yield and fast response to alpha particles from thin perovskite films deposited by pulsed laser deposition, file c20aee0b-9fd2-4f07-81f4-59d31e6b8dde 4
Il sapere si accresce se condiviso... dalla batteriorodopsina agli attameri, file de3e4ef5-5070-b63b-e053-d805fe0ae1e8 4
An Overview of the Automated and On-Line Systems to Assess the Oxidative Potential of Particulate Matter, file 2e1918e7-6ced-4a26-a9bc-caa4d7608902 3
Mediator-free amperometric glucose biosensor based on glucose oxidase entrapped in poly(vinyl alcol) matrix, file de3e4ef4-5a95-b63b-e053-d805fe0ae1e8 3
Itinerario Rosa, Tavola Rotonda sul tema «Quando la tecnologia imita la natura: anche fra macchina e corpo l’integrazione nasce dal dialogo» I progressi della biosensoristica applicata alla medicina., file de3e4ef5-19e4-b63b-e053-d805fe0ae1e8 3
A Biological-based Photo Electrochemical Cell: Modelling the Impedance Spectra, file de3e4ef5-bc6a-b63b-e053-d805fe0ae1e8 3
Development and characterization of a gold nanoparticles glassy carbon modified electrode for dithiotreitol (DTT) detection suitable to be applied for determination of atmospheric particulate oxidative potential, file de3e4ef6-5954-b63b-e053-d805fe0ae1e8 3
null, file 66f27d98-53c7-4da5-827e-3fe337855868 2
Low-Potential Sensitive H2O2 Detection Based on Composite Micro Tubular Te Adsorbed on Platinum Electrode, file de3e4ef4-a770-b63b-e053-d805fe0ae1e8 2
Te oxide nanowires as advanced materials for amperometric nonenzymatic hydrogen peroxide sensing, file de3e4ef4-a84a-b63b-e053-d805fe0ae1e8 2
Nuove frontiere nello studio della materia vivente: dalle opsine agli attameri., file de3e4ef5-590a-b63b-e053-d805fe0ae1e8 2
Energia elettrica dai batteri: generazione di fotocorrenti mediante proteine microbiche purificate, file de3e4ef5-659b-b63b-e053-d805fe0ae1e8 2
Characterisation of the correlations between oxidative potential and in vitro biological effects of PM10 at three sites in the central Mediterranean, file 1acb73f0-e0d0-45c1-94f5-e4a94a4ad88b 1
Stabilizing Wide Bandgap Triple-Halide Perovskite Alloy through Organic Gelators, file 3cfce8f1-fae6-4e37-83ea-8d929a524900 1
Apoptotic volume decrease (AVD) in A549 cells exposed to water-soluble fraction of particulate matter (PM10), file 49ec069a-4fc8-4db5-96da-478e301afbb1 1
Nickel ion extracellular uptake by the phototrophic bacterium Rhodobacter sphaeroides: new insights from Langmuir modelling and X-ray photoelectron spectroscopic analysis, file 71764d5c-2883-4e26-a3c2-8484607078ef 1
Highly Efficient Flexible Perovskite Solar Cells on Polyethylene Terephthalate Films via Dual Halide and Low‐Dimensional Interface Engineering for Indoor Photovoltaics, file 77a11710-7453-47da-b786-ef0684ddf980 1
Inhibitive Determination Of Metal Ions By An Amperometric Glucose Oxidase Biosensor. Study Of The Effect Of Hydrogen Peroxide Decomposition, file de3e4ef4-435e-b63b-e053-d805fe0ae1e8 1
Heavy metal determination by biosensors based on enzyme immobilised by electropolymerisation., file de3e4ef4-4c15-b63b-e053-d805fe0ae1e8 1
Amperometric non-enzymatic bimetallic glucose sensor based on platinum tellurium microtubes modified electrode., file de3e4ef4-504d-b63b-e053-d805fe0ae1e8 1
New tools to model and evaluate binding affinity in aptamer-protein complexes, file de3e4ef5-352f-b63b-e053-d805fe0ae1e8 1
A photoelectrochemical transduction system based on solubilized photosynthetic reaction center proteins, file de3e4ef5-5bc0-b63b-e053-d805fe0ae1e8 1
Synthesis and Characterization of Te Nanotubes Decorated with Pt Nanoparticles for a Fuel Cell Anode/Cathode Working at a Neutral pH, file de3e4ef5-9325-b63b-e053-d805fe0ae1e8 1
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