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Nome #
Ancient coastal landscape of the marine protected area of Porto Cesareo (Lecce, Italy): recent research 98
Tecniche di indagine morfologiche e microanalitiche nello studio della moneta di Taranto 90
The new gas ion source at CEDAD: Improved performances and first 14C environmental applications 90
IBA analyses of major and trace elements of AMS 14C dated bones from two medieval sites in Italy 89
Ancient coastal landscape of Protected Marine Area of Porto Cesareo (Le): recent researches 89
Pre-columbian treponematosis from Roca Vecchia (Lecce, Italy). 89
Measuring stable carbon and nitrogen isotopes by IRMS and14C by AMS on samples with masses in the microgram range: Performances of the system installed at CEDAD-University of Salento 88
Ge laser-generated plasma for ion implantation 82
Sepolture mutliple e datazioni al radiocarbonio ad alta risoluzione di resti osteologici provenienti dal villaggio di Quattro Macine, Giuggianello (LE) 81
Applications of accelerator based analytical methods to archaeological sciences 81
PIXE analysis of obsidian tools from radiocarbon dated archaeological contexts 80
BLU-ARCHEOSYS (Tecnologie Innovative e sistemi avanzati a supporto dell'archeologia subacquea)Durata: 4 anni a partire dal 30/06/06 80
Synthesis and Characterization of Mixed Iron-Manganese Oxide Nanoparticles and Their Application for Efficient Nickel Ion Removal from Aqueous Samples 79
Boulder coastal deposits at Favignana Island rocky coast (Sicily, Italy): Litho-structural and hydrodynamic control 79
Precious coral non-destructive characterization by Raman and XRF spectroscopy 78
The Baptistry of Saint John in Florence: The Scientific Dating of the Timber Structure of the Dome 78
Radiocarbon precision tests at the Lecce AMS facility using a sequential injection system 75
Alimini Lakes Project (PAL). Human-environment interaction during the Holocene in Mediterranean coastal wetlands. 75
Radiocarbon dates and XRF analyses from two prehistoric contexts in the Badisco area (Otranto –Le) 75
Investigations on provenance and content of archaic transport amphorae from Castello di Alceste (S.Vito dei Normanni-Br) by chemical analyses through XRF/FP and GC-MS 73
Benefits of combined PIXE and AMS with new accelerators 72
Diamond-Like Carbon for the Fast Timing MPGD 72
14C age anomalies in modern land snails shell carbonate from southern italy 71
AMS-14C determination of the biogenic-fossil fractions in flue gases 71
Ancient and recent sponge assemblages from the Tyrrhenian coralligenous over millennia (Mediterranean Sea) 71
Gaussian line-shape analysis of the room temperature photoreflectance of GaAs/AlGaAs and InAs/GaAs multiple quantum wells 70
Measuring stable carbon and nitrogen isotopes by IRMS and 14C by AMS on samples with masses in the microgram range: Performances of the system installed at CEDAD-University of Salento 70
Concerning the extinction of the wild horse in Italy and the newly introduction as domesticate: recent evidence from Grotta dei Cervi - Porto Badisco (Lecce, south Italy) 70
La sequenza cronostratigrafica delle fasi di occupazione dell’insediamento protostorico di Roca (Melendugno, Lecce). Relazione preliminare della campagna di scavo 2005 - Saggio X 69
Stressing biological samples with pulsed magnetic fields: physical aspects and experimental results 69
10Be detection at the new AMS beam line at CEDAD: Performance tests and first results 68
Wavelength, fluence and substrate-dependent room temperature pulsed laser deposited B-enriched thick films 68
The new AMS system at CEDAD for the analysis of 10Be, 26Al, 129I and actinides: Set-up and performances 67
L'inizio dell'età del rame in Sardegna. Nuovi contributi cronologici 66
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A qualitative application based on IR spectroscopy for a bone sample quality control in radiocarbon dating 66
Raman and Photoluminescence spectroscopy of polycarbonate matrices irradiated with different energy 28Si+ ions 66
Design and Synthesis of Iron-Doped Nanostructured TiO2 and Its Potential Use in the Photodegration of Hazardous Materials Present in Personal Care Products 66
Checking the homogeneity of gold artefacts of the final Bronze age found in Roca Vecchia, Southern Italy by Proton Induced X-Ray Emission 65
AMS-11 Conference on Accelerator Mass Spectrometry 65
A new system for the simultaneous measurement of δ13C and δ15N by IRMS and radiocarbon by AMS on gaseous samples: Design features and performances of the gas handling interface 65
Construction and deflation of irrigation soils from the Pharaonic to the Roman period at Amheida (Trimithis), Da 65
Tidal notches, coastal landforms and relative sea-level changes during the Late Quaternary at Ustica Island (Tyrrhenian Sea, Italy) 65
14C dating on marine bio-constructions from a submarine cave in the Adriatic Sea 65
An integrated high resolution AMS radiocarbon dating and ion beam analysis approach for the study of archaeological contexts 64
The Strange Case of the Ankhpakhered Mummy: Results of AMS 14C Dating 64
Bringing AMS radiocarbon into the Anthropocene: Potential and drawbacks in the determination of the bio-fraction in industrial emissions and in carbon-based products 64
The dynamics of a Mediterranean coralligenous sponge assemblage at decennial and millennial temporal scales 64
Stressing biological samples with pulsed magnetic fields: Physical aspects and experimental results 64
New radiocarbon dating results from the upper paleolithic–mesolithic levels in Grotta Romanelli (Apulia, southern Italy) 64
Dating a composite ancient wooden artefact and its modifications. A case study 63
Radiocarbon dating of lumps from aerial lime mortars and plasters: methodological issues and results from S. Nicolò of Capodimonte Church (Camogli, Genoa-Italy) 63
Applications to cultural heritage diagnostics at the new nuclear microprobe beam line at CEDAD 63
Did a drought crisis lead to cultural changes in Eolian Islands during the Bronze Age? New data from archaeological excavations and carbon isotopes analysis of archaeobotanical remains. 63
Plasma Enhanced-Chemical Vapour Deposition of Scuff-Resistant Hydrogenated Amorphous Carbon Coatings on C100 Steel 63
Optical and electrical properties of polycarbonate layers implanted by high energy Cu ions 63
Characterization and dating of waterlogged woods from an ancient harbor in Italy 63
Copper ion implantation of polycarbonate matrices: Morphological and structural properties 63
α particle space distribution from fusion reactions in Boron irradiated by mono-energetic protons 63
Synthesis of β-Ga2O3 microstructures with efficient photocatalytic activity by annealing of GaSe single crystal 62
The late Pleistocene to Holocene palaeogeographic evolution of the Porto Conte area: Clues for a better understanding of human colonization of Sardinia and faunal dynamics during the last 30 ka 62
AMS radiocarbon dating of “Grotta Cappuccini” in southern Italy 61
Age of the final Middle Paleolithic and Uluzzian levels at Fumane cave, NOrthern Italy, using 14C, ESR, 234U/230Th and thermoluminescence methods 61
Datazione assoluta della piroga monossile di ponte di piave (tv). Analisi dendrocronologiche e radiocarboniche 61
Sampling problems in the radiocarbon dating of old mortars and plasters with the “pure lime lumps” technique 61
PIXE analysis of artefacts from radiocarbon dated archaeological contexts 60
PIXE and u-PIXE analysis of biological records in environmental studies 60
Modification of materials by high energy plasma ions 60
Development and application of facilities at the Centre for Applied Physics, Dating and Diagnostics (CEDAD) at the University of Salento during the last 15 years 60
Radiocarbon precision tests at the Lecce AMS facility using a sequential injection system 59
Third millennium B.C. climate change in Syria highlighted by Carbon stable isotope analysis of 14C-AMS dated plant remains from Ebla 59
RADIOCARBON DATING: La spettrometria di massa con acceleratore al CEDAD 59
Proceedings of the 11th International Conference on Accelerator Mass Spectrometry (AMS-11) 59
A combined PIXE–PIGE approach for the assessment of the diagenetic state of cremated bones submitted to AMS radiocarbon dating 59
Construction and deflation of irrigation soils from the Pharaonic to the Roman period at Amheida (Trimithis), Dakhla Depression, Egyptian Western Desert 59
Solving an historical puzzle: Radiocarbon dating the Capitoline she wolf 59
A new accelerator mass spectrometry facility in Lecce, Italy 58
Impianto e procedimento per la preparazione di campioni di grafite utilizzati per datazione al radiocarbonio 58
Design features of the new multi isotope AMS beamline at CEDAD 58
Extraction of dissolved inorganic carbon (DIC) from seawater samples at cedad: Results of an intercomparison exercise on samples from Adriatic sea shallow water 58
Comparative study of metal and non-metal ion implantation in polymers: Optical and electrical properties 58
Persistence of pristine deep-sea coral gardens in the Mediterranean Sea (SW Sardinia) 58
Blue Laser and Light Emitting Diodes 57
Impianto e procedimento per la preparazione di campioni di grafite utilizzati per datazione al radiocarbonio 57
Radiocarbon dating by accelerator mass spectrometry: fundamentals and applications to archaeology 56
Study of the formation of biogenic speleothems found in submarine caves at the cape of Otranto, Italy, by 14C AMS 56
Unusual coin from the Parabita hoard: combined use of surface and microanalytical techniques for its characterisation 56
Biogenic stalactites in submarine caves at the Cape of Otranto (S-E Italy): dating and hypothesis on their formation 56
Determination of the Biobased Content in Plastics by Radiocarbon 56
Radiocarbon Dating the Exploitation Phases of the Grotta della Monaca Cave in Calabria, Southern Italy: A Prehistoric Mine for the Extraction of Iron and Copper 56
Radiocarbon dating of ivory: Potentialities and limitations in forensics 56
Emittance evaluation of electron beams produced by photoemission 56
Evaluation of Possible Contamination Sources in the 14C Analysis of Bone Samples by FTIR Spectroscopy 55
Dating of biogenic stalactites (a new organic marine concretion) from isubmarine caves at the Cape of Otranto (S-E Italy), and hypothesis on their formation 55
Dating and technological features of a wooden panel painting attributed to Cesare da Sesto 54
Design of new TiO2 based samples obtained by MeV Ion Implantation 54
Determining 14C content in different human tissues: Implications for application of 14C bomb-spike dating in forensic medicine 54
10B-based films grown by pulsed laser deposition for neutron conversion applications 54
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