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Effect of processing parameters on the cyclic behaviour of aluminium friction stir welded to spark plasma sintered aluminium matrix composites with bimodal micro-and nano-sized reinforcing alumina particles 20
Enhancing Strength and Toughness of Aluminum Laminated Composites through Hybrid Reinforcement Using Dispersion Engineering 16
Design strategies for enhancing strength and toughness in high performance metal matrix composites: A review 14
A Quantitative Investigation of Dislocation Density in an Al Matrix Composite Produced by a Combination of Micro-/Macro-Rolling 13
Friction stir welding of Al-Al2O3 nanocomposite with bimodal size of alumina reinforcement produced by spark plasma sintering 13
Modelling of the hydrogen embrittlement in austenitic stainless steels 12
Temperature Evolution, Material Flow, and Resulting Mechanical Properties as a Function of Tool Geometry during Friction Stir Welding of AA6082 12
Implementation of T-history method to determine the thermophysical properties of the phase change materials 11
Effect of graphene oxide and friction stir processing on microstructure and mechanical properties of Al5083 matrix composite 9
Enhanced mechanical properties of CNT/Al composite through tailoring grain interior/grain boundary affected zones 9
Reviewing the Integrated Design Approach for Augmenting Strength and Toughness at Macro- and Micro-Scale in High-Performance Advanced Composites 9
Making ultra-high strengthening and toughening efficiency in hybrid reinforcing of aluminum laminated composites via dispersion engineering 8
Cyclic behavior of FeCoCrNiMn high entropy alloy coatings produced through cold spray 8
Hot rolling of MWCNTs reinforced Al matrix composites produced via spark plasma sintering 8
Advancing High-Performance Metal Matrix Composites: Uniting Nature’s Design and Engineering Innovation 8
Modelling of hydrogen diffusion leading to embrittlement in austenitic stainless steels 7
Adaptive nonsingular terminal sliding mode controller for micro/nanopositioning systems driven by linear piezoelectric ceramic motors 7
Novel 0D/1D ZnBi2O4/ZnO S-scheme photocatalyst for hydrogen production and BPA removal 7
Ag doped Sn3O4 nanostructure and immobilized on hyperbranched polypyrrole for visible light sensitized photocatalytic, antibacterial agent and microbial detection process 7
Microstructures and mechanical properties of high strength Ti-XAl-2Fe-3Cu alloys fabricated by powder compact extrusion 6
Acrylamide route for the co-synthesis of tungsten carbide-cobalt nanopowders with additives 6
Metallurgical characteristics of aluminum-steel joints manufactured by rotary friction welding: A review and statistical analysis 6
Corrigendum to “Microstructure dependent dislocation density evolution in micro-macro rolled Al2O3/Al laminated composite” [Mater. Sci. Eng., A. 830 (7 January 2022) 142317] (Materials Science & Engineering A (2022) 830, (S0921509321015811), (10.1016/j.msea.2021.142317)) 5
Optimizing ball milling parameters for controlling the internal microstructure and tensile characteristics of a laminated carbon nanotube/aluminum–copper–magnesium composite 5
Smart Mechanical Powder Processing for Producing Carbon Nanotube Reinforced Aluminum Matrix Composites 4
Architecting Strength: Innovative Microstructural Design of Aluminum/Alumina Nanocomposites via Cold-Welded Flaky-Shaped Particles and Pressure-Assisted Sintering 4
Nano-scale wear: A critical review on its measuring methods and parameters affecting nano-tribology 4
Novel S-scheme WO3/CeO2 heterojunction with enhanced photocatalytic degradation of sulfamerazine under visible light irradiation 4
null 3
Thermal–Mechanical and Microstructural Simulation of Rotary Friction Welding Processes by Using Finite Element Method 3
Surface modification of LiMn2O4 for lithium batteries by nanostructured LiFePO4 phosphate 2
The effect of LiFePO4 coating on electrochemical performance of LiMn2O4 cathode material 2
Three-dimensional characterization of porosity in iron ore pellets: A comprehensive study 1
Experimental study and numerical simulation on porosity dependent direct reducibility of high-grade iron oxide pellets in hydrogen 1
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