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Enhancing Strength and Toughness of Aluminum Laminated Composites through Hybrid Reinforcement Using Dispersion Engineering, file 1ba5a3bf-50bf-4ef2-8bee-0d4ebc31b528 9
Advancing High-Performance Metal Matrix Composites: Uniting Nature’s Design and Engineering Innovation, file 2c9ec450-23db-4f81-927a-4476feec37d4 8
Reviewing the Integrated Design Approach for Augmenting Strength and Toughness at Macro- and Micro-Scale in High-Performance Advanced Composites, file 15a29e98-7bec-40b3-bbae-b4e1ef6d7b54 7
A Quantitative Investigation of Dislocation Density in an Al Matrix Composite Produced by a Combination of Micro-/Macro-Rolling, file 949c2b44-ab00-4c79-a9a2-09d7898dca06 7
Making ultra-high strengthening and toughening efficiency in hybrid reinforcing of aluminum laminated composites via dispersion engineering, file f3a902ef-973e-4019-98ca-d18f751f5e19 7
Modelling of the hydrogen embrittlement in austenitic stainless steels, file 1a220aec-3aff-43d3-95f0-b387f977fb5e 6
Temperature Evolution, Material Flow, and Resulting Mechanical Properties as a Function of Tool Geometry during Friction Stir Welding of AA6082, file 179cf2de-cf28-4a18-aba7-02116ae959bb 4
Smart Mechanical Powder Processing for Producing Carbon Nanotube Reinforced Aluminum Matrix Composites, file 868dcbbf-e7a1-43f5-9e99-126920a06b31 4
Architecting Strength: Innovative Microstructural Design of Aluminum/Alumina Nanocomposites via Cold-Welded Flaky-Shaped Particles and Pressure-Assisted Sintering, file 23c09b98-39ca-43bb-a2f2-8852f83e5c59 2
Ag doped Sn3O4 nanostructure and immobilized on hyperbranched polypyrrole for visible light sensitized photocatalytic, antibacterial agent and microbial detection process, file 304ae467-ac17-4da2-9847-d0a019b9d840 2
Design strategies for enhancing strength and toughness in high performance metal matrix composites: A review, file 5437123b-7f4f-4019-9764-aefa4902fc9b 2
Microstructures and mechanical properties of high strength Ti-XAl-2Fe-3Cu alloys fabricated by powder compact extrusion, file 6d11d604-74d8-4a1a-bd04-b6341637383a 2
Novel S-scheme WO3/CeO2 heterojunction with enhanced photocatalytic degradation of sulfamerazine under visible light irradiation, file 7855b890-abb5-4548-8c1a-c3fba2266146 2
Novel 0D/1D ZnBi2O4/ZnO S-scheme photocatalyst for hydrogen production and BPA removal, file 8a730b8e-cf18-4c08-886b-4dbb51370e78 2
null, file aa0f1ac9-3446-4919-a104-259611796107 2
Adaptive nonsingular terminal sliding mode controller for micro/nanopositioning systems driven by linear piezoelectric ceramic motors, file fa5f7b2d-a280-442b-bb64-2fb1659597ab 2
Friction stir welding of Al-Al2O3 nanocomposite with bimodal size of alumina reinforcement produced by spark plasma sintering, file 1679c76e-cf6d-45ad-a3d9-8dd12d130e04 1
Implementation of T-history method to determine the thermophysical properties of the phase change materials, file 3a0be022-553c-430c-805e-99ea5b8f6d2f 1
Hot rolling of MWCNTs reinforced Al matrix composites produced via spark plasma sintering, file 6f337a3c-d119-4eb8-bcb2-ae99becc9a6a 1
Cyclic behavior of FeCoCrNiMn high entropy alloy coatings produced through cold spray, file 77e11454-fb02-4c7c-b737-f2bcf050d1f1 1
Effect of graphene oxide and friction stir processing on microstructure and mechanical properties of Al5083 matrix composite, file a186b074-fa13-4205-b43e-572f53e9f0c7 1
Enhanced mechanical properties of CNT/Al composite through tailoring grain interior/grain boundary affected zones, file c34ad02a-8f98-4218-b9d5-0b3fb3c207ad 1
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