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US - Stati Uniti d'America 2
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Cross-modal processing of putative pheromones and gender-voice in a bodily contact medium can modulate behavioral and psychological state of the subject, file de3e4ef5-eef5-b63b-e053-d805fe0ae1e8 5
Analytical characterization of silver -nanoparticle antimicrobial coatings for fiordilatte cheese, file de3e4ef5-2af1-b63b-e053-d805fe0ae1e8 3
Analisi storico-epidemiologica della mortalità per patologie respiratorie nelle province pugliesi, anni 1929-2010, file de3e4ef5-747f-b63b-e053-d805fe0ae1e8 3
UV-Curable Nanocomposite based on Methacrylic-Siloxane Resin and Surface Modified-TiO2 Nanocrystals, file de3e4ef4-63dc-b63b-e053-d805fe0ae1e8 2
Apulian Living Lab. Robon Project, file de3e4ef4-698b-b63b-e053-d805fe0ae1e8 2
Antitumor and Antiangiogenic Activities of [Pt(O,O' acac)(γ-acac)(DMS)] in human renal cell carcinoma, file de3e4ef4-9d1c-b63b-e053-d805fe0ae1e8 2
Coworking: evolution, drivers and spreading, file de3e4ef5-7175-b63b-e053-d805fe0ae1e8 2
Evoluzione storica della mortalità per cardiopatia ischemica nelle province pugliesi dal 1931 al 2014. Confronto con le ripartizioni italiane., file de3e4ef5-e569-b63b-e053-d805fe0ae1e8 2
Photogrammetric underwater and UAS surveys of archaeological sites: the case study of the Roman shipwreck of Torre Santa Sabina, file de3e4ef6-2fb5-b63b-e053-d805fe0ae1e8 2
Modelling of the carburizing process by the evolutionary design (ED) algorithm in modeFRONTIER, file de3e4ef4-6c31-b63b-e053-d805fe0ae1e8 1
Hydroxyapatite nanocrystals and modulation of the antitumor activity of phosphaplatins, file de3e4ef4-9abf-b63b-e053-d805fe0ae1e8 1
The groundwater quality in Grecìa Salentina (Puglia, Italy), file de3e4ef4-9b2d-b63b-e053-d805fe0ae1e8 1
[Pt(O,O′-acac)(γ-acac)(DMS)] inhibits migration of tumor human breast cells in primary cultures, file de3e4ef5-15bd-b63b-e053-d805fe0ae1e8 1
ADP sensitizes ZL55 cells to the activity of anticancer cisplatin, file de3e4ef5-1633-b63b-e053-d805fe0ae1e8 1
Synthesis, characterization and cytotoxic activity of novel Pt(II) complexes with acetylacetonate and amines, file de3e4ef5-1947-b63b-e053-d805fe0ae1e8 1
Development of XPS in application to atmospheric particulate matter (PM) by comparison with results of Ion Chromatography, file de3e4ef5-31e3-b63b-e053-d805fe0ae1e8 1
Per una epidemiologia del femminicidio., file de3e4ef5-7143-b63b-e053-d805fe0ae1e8 1
In vitro induction of genetic variability of Dittrichia viscosa to be improved in soil phytoremediation, file de3e4ef5-dc29-b63b-e053-d805fe0ae1e8 1
Application of response surface methodology for the optimization of supercritical CO2 extraction of oil from olive paste: yield, content of bioactive molecules and biological effects in vivo, file de3e4ef5-de4f-b63b-e053-d805fe0ae1e8 1
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