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Titolo Data di pubblicazione Autore(i) File
A new Energy-based Model for the Prediction of Primary Atomization of Urea-Water Sprays 1-gen-2009 DE RISI, Arturo; Calò, M; Donateo, Teresa; GABALLO M., R; Sciolti, Aldebara
A new sensors array for the measurement of the content of fuel dissolved in the engine oil 1-gen-2007 Capone, Simonetta; Carlucci, Antonio Paolo; L., Francioso; P., Giannone; D. S., Presicce; Siciliano, Pietro
On the Behavior of the Start and Stop System in European Real Driving Emissions Tests and Its Effect on Greenhouse and Tailpipe Emissions 1-gen-2021 Donateo, T.; Signore, P.
Optimization of a four stroke engine by means of experimental and 1D numerical analysis 1-gen-2000 DE RISI, Arturo; Zecca, R.; Laforgia, Domenico
Optimization of High Pressure Common Rail Electro-injector using Genetic Algorithms 1-gen-2001 Donateo, Teresa; DE RISI, Arturo; Laforgia, Domenico
Optimization of the Combustion Chamber of Direct Injection Diesel Engines 1-gen-2003 DE RISI, Arturo; Donateo, Teresa; Laforgia, Domenico
Preliminary Studies on the Effects of Injection Rate Modulation on the Combustion Noise of a Common Rail Diesel Engine 1-gen-2004 Ficarella, Antonio; Carlucci, Antonio Paolo; F., Chiara; A., Giuffrida; R., Lanzafame
Reproducing Real World Emission Tests with a Traffic Simulator 1-gen-2018 Donateo, T.; Giovinazzi, M.; Tamborrino, A.
Some Repeatability and Reproducibility Issues in Real Driving Emission Tests 1-gen-2018 Donateo, T.; Giovinazzi, M.
Study of combustion development in methane-diesel dual fuel engines, based on the analysis of in cylinder luminance 1-gen-2010 Carlucci, Antonio Paolo; Laforgia, Domenico; Saracino, Roberto; G., Toto
Study of the Influence of the Injection Parameters on Combustion Noise in a Common Rail Diesel Engine Using ANOVA and Neural Network 1-gen-2001 Laforgia, Domenico; Ficarella, Antonio; Carlucci, Antonio Paolo
Mostrati risultati da 19 a 29 di 29
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