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Titolo Data di pubblicazione Autore(i) File
A Study of H2, CH4, C2H6 Mixing ad Combustion in a Direct-Injection Stratified-Charge Engine 1-gen-1997 DE RISI, Arturo; GAJDECZKO B., F; Bracco, F. V.
A theoretical investigation of the energy balance of a high efficiency thermophotovoltaic generator for automotive applications 1-gen-2000 DE RISI, Arturo; Laforgia, Domenico; Mazzer, M.; Barnham, K.; Rohr, C.
An Experimental Study of High Pressure Nozzles in Consideration of Hole-to-Hole Spray Abnormalities 1-gen-2000 DE RISI, Arturo; Colangelo, Gianpiero; Laforgia, Domenico
Choosing the Best Lithium Battery Technology in the Hybridization of Ultralight Aircraft 1-gen-2024 Donateo, Teresa; SPADA CHIODO, Ludovica
Combined Effect of Exhaust Gas Recirculation and Partially Premixed Charge on Performance and Emissions of a Direct Injection Diesel Engine 1-gen-2005 Ficarella, Antonio; Carlucci, Antonio Paolo; F. F., Chiara; T., Giuranna; Laforgia, Domenico
Development of an Energy Management Strategy for Plug-in Series Hybrid Electric Vehicle Based on the Prediction of the Future Driving Cycles by ICT Technologies and Optimized Maps 1-gen-2011 Donateo, Teresa; Pacella, Damiano; Laforgia, Domenico
Dynamic modeling of a PEM fuel cell for a low consumption prototype 1-gen-2013 Donateo, Teresa; Pacella, Damiano; Indiveri, Giovanni; F., Ingrosso; A., Damiani
Effect of driving conditions and auxiliaries on mileage and CO2 emissions of a gasoline and an electric city car 1-gen-2014 Donateo, Teresa; F., Ingrosso; D., Bruno; Laforgia, Domenico
Effect of the Shape of the Combustion Chamber on Dual Fuel Combustion 1-gen-2013 Donateo, Teresa; Strafella, Luciano; Laforgia, Domenico
Effects of in-cylinder bulk flow and methane supply strategies on charge stratification, combustion and emissions of a dual-fuel DI diesel engine 1-gen-2009 Carlucci, Antonio Paolo; Laforgia, Domenico; Saracino, Roberto
Evaluation of Instability Phenomena in a High Speed Diesel Engine With Common Rail System 1-gen-1999 Laforgia, Domenico; Ficarella, Antonio; V., Landriscina
Experimental Analysis of Common Rail Pressure Wave Effect on Engine Emissions 1-gen-2005 DE RISI, Arturo; Naccarato, Fabrizio; Laforgia, Domenico
Experimental Characterization of Diesel Fuel Pulsed Sprays 1-gen-2007 Carlucci, Antonio Paolo; Laforgia, Domenico; A., Panarese
A General Platform for the Modeling and Optimization of Conventional and More Electric Aircrafts 1-gen-2014 Donateo, Teresa; DE GIORGI, Maria Grazia; Ficarella, Antonio; Elisabetta, Argentieri; Elena, Rizzo
High Efficiency Thermophotovoltaics for Automotive Applications 1-gen-2000 Laforgia, Domenico; DE RISI, Arturo; K., Barnahm; C., Rohr
Impact of Hybrid and Electric Mobility in a Medium-Sized Historic City 1-gen-2013 Donateo, Teresa; Fabio, Ingrosso; Federica, Lacandia; Enrico, Pagliara
Improvements in Diesel Engine Combustion by Using Both Early and Pilot Injections 1-gen-2003 Laforgia, Domenico; Carlucci, Antonio Paolo; Ficarella, Antonio
A new Energy-based Model for the Prediction of Primary Atomization of Urea-Water Sprays 1-gen-2009 DE RISI, Arturo; Calò, M; Donateo, Teresa; GABALLO M., R; Sciolti, Aldebara
A new sensors array for the measurement of the content of fuel dissolved in the engine oil 1-gen-2007 Capone, Simonetta; Carlucci, Antonio Paolo; L., Francioso; P., Giannone; D. S., Presicce; Siciliano, Pietro
On the Behavior of the Start and Stop System in European Real Driving Emissions Tests and Its Effect on Greenhouse and Tailpipe Emissions 1-gen-2021 Donateo, T.; Signore, P.
Mostrati risultati da 2 a 21 di 29
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