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management in Local Healthcare Agencies: a patient-pathway oriented framework 1-gen-2010 S., Digiesi; G., Ignone; G., Mossa; G., Mummolo; R., Pilolli; Ranieri, Luigi; S., Rubino
Municipal Energy plan: a pilot experience in the south of Italy 1-gen-2010 R., Carella; F., Intini; A. P., De Vita; Ranieri, Luigi
Energy recovery from the organic fraction of municipal solid waste: technical, economical and financial assessment of a facility using the Real Options 1-gen-2010 Digiesi, S.; Pascarelli, C.; Pellegrino, R.; Ranieri, Luigi
A framework for Design and Planning of Health-care Service Networks 1-gen-2011 S., Digiesi; Mossa, G.; G., Mummolo; R., Pilolli; Ranieri, Luigi
An Integrated Approach BasedOn Balanced Scorecard And Analytic Hierarchy Process For Strategic Evaluation Of LocalHealthcare Agencies 1-gen-2011 S., Digiesi; Mossa, G.; Ranieri, Luigi; S., Rubino
A real options based model to support risk allocation in price cap regulation approach for public utilities 1-gen-2011 Mummolo, G.; Ranieri, Luigi; Costantino, N.; Pellegrino, R.
A real options-based approach in guaranteed energy savings contracting 1-gen-2012 Costantino, Nicola; Mummolo, Giovanni; Pascarelli, Claudio; Pellegrino, Roberta; Ranieri, Luigi
Increasing public healthcare network performance by dehospitalization:A patient pathway perspective 1-gen-2013 Ignone, Gianfranco; Mossa, Giorgio; Mummolo, Giovanni; Pilolli, Rosa; Ranieri, Luigi
Measuring and managing the smartness of cities: A framework for classifying performance indicators 1-gen-2013 Carli, Raffaele; Dotoli, Mariagrazia; Pellegrino, Roberta; Ranieri, Luigi
Thermography Increases LCA Reliability: a Case Study of a Process for HDPE Nets 1-gen-2014 F., Intini; Chimienti, Michela; M., Dassisti; Ranieri, Luigi; Starace, Giuseppe
Model-based LCA for sustainable energy-production from olive-oil production: An Italian agricultural-district case 1-gen-2014 Ranieri, L.; Intini, F.; Rospi, G.; Kuhtz, S.; Dassisti, M.
The sustainability of anaerobic digestion plants: a win–win strategy for public and private bodies 1-gen-2015 Massaro, Vito; Digiesi, Salvatore; Mossa, Giorgio; Ranieri, Luigi
Using multi-objective optimization for the integrated energy efficiency improvement of a smart city public buildings' portfolio 1-gen-2015 Carli, Raffaele; Dotoli, Mariagrazia; Pellegrino, Roberta; Ranieri, Luigi
A Decision Making Technique to Optimize a Buildings’ Stock Energy Efficiency 1-gen-2017 Carli, Raffaele; Dotoli, Mariagrazia; Pellegrino, Roberta; Ranieri, Luigi
Energy Recovery from the Organic Fraction of Municipal Solid Waste: A Real Options-Based Facility Assessment 1-gen-2018 Ranieri, Luigi; Mossa, Giorgio; Pellegrino, Roberta; Digiesi, Salvatore
A Review of Last Mile Logistics Innovations in an Externalities Cost Reduction Vision 1-gen-2018 Ranieri, Luigi; Digiesi, Salvatore; Silvestri, Bartolomeo; Roccotelli, Michele
A Maturity Model for Logistics 4.0: An Empirical Analysis and a Roadmap for Future Research 1-gen-2019 Facchini, Francesco; Oleśków-Szłapka, Joanna; Ranieri, Luigi; Urbinati, Andrea
Previous Studies and Differences between Lean Management and World Class Manufacturing 1-gen-2019 De Felice, F.; Petrillo, L.; Ranieri, L.; Petrillo, A.
Assessment of carbon emissions’ effects on the investments in conventional and innovative waste-to-energy treatments 1-gen-2023 Colangelo, G.; Facchini, F.; Ranieri, L.; Starace, G.; Vitti, M.
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