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Titolo Data di pubblicazione Autore(i) File
Derivation of equivalent pipe network analogues for 3D discrete fracture networks by the boundary element method 1-gen-1999 Dershowitz, W.; Fidelibus, C.
Frequency analysis via Copulas: theoretical aspects and applications to hydrological events 1-gen-2004 Salvadori, Gianfausto; DE MICHELE, C.
Hydraulic characterization of river networks based on flow patterns simulated by 2-D shallow water modeling: scaling properties, multifractal interpretation and perspectives for channel heads detection 1-gen-2019 Costabile, P.; Costanzo, C.; De Bartolo, S.; Gangi, F.; Macchione, F.; Tomasicchio, G. R.
An indirect assessment on the impact of connectivity of conductivity classes upon longitudinal asymptotic macrodispersivity 1-gen-2010 Fiori, A.; Boso, F.; De Barros, F. P. J.; De Bartolo, S.; Frampton, A.; Severino, G.; Suweis, S.; Dagan, G.
Multifractal analysis of river networks: sand-box approach 1-gen-2004 DE BARTOLO, Samuele; Gaudio, Roberto; Gabriele, Salvatore
Multivariate assessment of droughts: frequency analysis and Dynamic Return Period 1-gen-2013 C., De Michele; Salvadori, Gianfausto; R., Vezzoli; S., Pecora
A multivariate Copula-based framework for dealing with Hazard Scenarios and Failure Probabilities 1-gen-2016 Salvadori, Gianfausto; Durante, Fabrizio; C., De Michele; M., Bernardi; L., Petrella
Multivariate multiparameter extreme value models and return periods: A copula approach 1-gen-2010 Salvadori, Gianfausto; C., De Michele
Multivariate return period calculation via survival functions 1-gen-2013 Salvadori, Gianfausto; Durante, Fabrizio; C., De Michele
Relation between grid, channel, and Peano networks in high-resolution digital elevation models 1-gen-2016 De Bartolo, S.; Dell'Accio, F.; Frandina, G.; Moretti, G.; Orlandini, S.; Veltri, M.
Travel time approach to kinetically sorbing solute by diverging radial flows through heterogeneous porous formations 1-gen-2012 Severino, G.; De Bartolo, S.; Toraldo, G.; Srinivasan, G.; Viswanathan, H.
Well-Type Steady Flow in Strongly Heterogeneous Porous Media: An Experimental Study 1-gen-2022 Brunetti, G. F. A.; Fallico, C.; De Bartolo, S.; Severino, G.
Mostrati risultati da 1 a 12 di 12
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