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Titolo Data di pubblicazione Autore(i) File
A 550mV 8dBm IIP3 4th order Analog Base Band Filter for WLAN Receivers 1-gen-2007 DE MATTEIS, Marcello; D'Amico, Stefano; V., Giannini; Baschirotto, Andrea
A new spectral transform for the Davey-Stewartson I equation 1-gen-1989 Boiti, Marco; Leon, J.; Pempinelli, Flora
A search for italian wine. Middle byzantine and later amphoras from southern Puglia, Italy 1-gen-1997 Arthur, Paul Raymond; Auriemma, Rita
A "changing chart" symplectic algorithm for rigid bodies and other dynamical systems on manifolds 1-gen-2001 G., Benettin; Cherubini, Anna Maria; F., Fasso'
A 0.13µm CMOS low-voltage reconfigurable filter for UMTS/WLAN transmitters 1-gen-2004 D'Amico, Stefano; Baschirotto, Andrea
A 0.13µm CMOS VGA for Multistandard Receiver 1-gen-2005 D'Amico, Stefano; Chironi, Vincenzo; Baschirotto, Andrea
A 0.13μm CMOS front-end for drift chambers 1-gen-2010 A., Baschirotto; D'Amico, Stefano; M. DE MATTEIS, F. GRANCAGNOLO; Panareo, Marco; R., Perrino; G., Chiodini; A., Corvaglia
A 0.2 kW single line-single mode stable CO_2 laser 1-gen-1989 Boscolo, I; Bernardini, Paolo
A 0.55 V 60 dB-DR Fourth-Order Analog Baseband Filter 1-gen-2009 DE MATTEIS, Marcello; D'Amico, Stefano; A., Baschirotto
A 1.2- V 30.4-dBm OIP3 reconfigurable analog baseband channel for UMTS/WLAN transmitters 1-gen-2006 Ghittori, N; Vigna, A; Malcovati, P; D'Amico, Stefano; Baschirotto, Andrea
A 1.2-V, 600-MS/s, 2.4-mW DAC for WLAN 802.11 and 802.16 Wireless Transmitters 1-gen-2006 Nicola, Ghittori; Andrea, Vigna; Piero, Malcovati; D'Amico, Stefano; Baschirotto, Andrea
A 1.2V-21dBm OIP3 4 th-order Active-g m-RC reconfigurable (UMTS/WLAN) filter with on-chip tuning designed with an automatic tool 1-gen-2005 D'Amico, Stefano; Giannini, Vito; Baschirotto, Andrea
A 10-b 50-MSPS Low Power Pipeline ADC for Ultra-High Energy Cosmic Rays Detection 1-gen-2014 Donno, Andrea; D'Amico, Stefano; M., De Matteis; A., Baschirotto
A 150 anni dall’Unità d’Italia (1861-2011): il contributo di «Miss Uragano» 1-gen-2010 Armenise, Gabriella
A 150μW-11b Readout Circuit for Lab-on-a-Chip Applications 1-gen-2008 Delizia, Pasquale; D'Amico, Stefano; A., Baschirotto
A 16 bit 20 kHz bandwidth discrete-time RD modulator with VCO-based quantizer 1-gen-2011 DE BLASI, Marco; P., Delizia; D'Amico, Stefano; A., Baschirotto
A 16mA UWB 3-to-5GHz 20Mpulses/s quadrature analog correlation receiver in 0.18μm CMOS 1-gen-2006 J., Ryckaert; M., Badaroglu; V., De Heyn; G., Van der Plas; P., Nuzzo; Baschirotto, Andrea; D'Amico, Stefano; C., Desset; H., Suys; M., Libois; B., Van Poucke; P., Wambacq; B., Gyselinckx
A 2+1 dimensional integrable generalization of the sine-Gordon equation. I. D-bar -D-dressing and the initial value problem 1-gen-1993 Konopelchenko, Boris; V. G., Dubrovsky
A 240MHz Programmable Gain Amplifier & Filter for Ultra Low Power Low-Rate UWB receivers 1-gen-2009 D'Amico, Stefano; A., Baschirotto; K., Philips; O., Rousseaux; B., Gyselinckx
A 250 Msps CAMAC data acquisition system 1-gen-1996 Palama', Gianfranco; Neve, A. C.
Mostrati risultati da 413 a 432 di 73.611
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