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Synthesis and reactivity of trifluoromethyl substituted oxaziridines 1-gen-2013 Perrone, Serena; Rosato, Francesca; Salomone, Antonio; Troisi, Luigino
Preparation of polysubstituted isochromanes by addition of ortho-lithiated aryloxiranes to enaminones 1-gen-2013 Salomone, Antonio; Perna, Filippo Maria; Sassone, Francesca Claudia; Falcicchio, Aurelia; Bezenšek, Jure; Svete, Jurij; Stanovnik, Branko; Florio, Saverio; Capriati, Vito
Dynamic resolution of lithiated ortho-trifluoromethyl styrene oxide and the effect of chiral diamines on the barrier to enantiomerisation 1-gen-2013 Mansueto, Rosmara; Perna, Filippo Maria; Salomone, Antonio; Florio, Saverio; Capriati, Vito
“The Great Beauty” of organolithium chemistry: a land still worth exploring 1-gen-2014 Capriati, Vito; Perna, Filippo M.; Salomone, Antonio
Efficient Regioselective Synthesis of 3,4,5-Trisubstituted 1,2,4-Triazoles on the Basis of a Lithiation-Trapping Sequence 1-gen-2014 Mansueto, R.; Perna, F. M.; Salomone, A.; Perrone, S.; Florio, S.; Capriati, V.
Direct observation of a lithiated oxirane: a synergistic study using spectroscopic, crystallographic, and theoretical methods on the structure and stereodynamics of lithiated ortho-trifluoromethyl styrene oxide 1-gen-2014 Salomone, Antonio; Perna, Filippo M.; Falcicchio, Aurelia; Nilsson Lill, Sten O.; Moliterni, Anna; Michel, Reent; Florio, Saverio; Stalke, Dietmar; Capriati, Vito
Stereoselective Synthesis of α-Alkylidene β-Oxo Amides by Palladium-Catalyzed Carbonylation 1-gen-2014 Perrone, Serena; Salomone, Antonio; Caroli, Antonio; Falcicchio, Aurelia; Citti, Cinzia; Cannazza, Giuseppe; Troisi, Luigino
3-Aryl-5-vinyl-2-isoxazolines and 3-Aryl-5-vinylisoxazoles from Aryl Nitrile Oxides and Methyl Vinyl Ketone Lithium Enolate: Reaction Limits and Synthetic Utility Exploitation 1-gen-2014 Vitale, Paola; Salomone, Antonio; Scilimati, Antonio
Ring opening of heterocycles containing a C–N double bond: a simple synthesis of imides promoted by acyl palladium species 1-gen-2014 Perrone, Serena; Cannazza, Giuseppe; Caroli, Antonio; Salomone, Antonio; Troisi, Luigino
Regioselective desymmetrization of diaryltetrahydrofurans via directed ortho-lithiation: an unexpected help from green chemistry 1-gen-2014 Mallardo, Valentina; Rizzi, Ruggiero; Sassone, Francesca C.; Mansueto, Rosmara; Perna, Filippo M.; Salomone, Antonio; Capriati, Vito
Multicomponent Synthesis of Uracil Analogues Promoted by Pd-Catalyzed Carbonylation of α-Chloroketones in the Presence of Isocyanates and Amines 1-gen-2015 Perrone, Serena; Capua, Martina; Salomone, Antonio; Troisi, Luigino
Regio- and stereochemical aspects in the functionalisation of a lithiated 2-(3-chloro-2-methyl-1-propenyl)-2-oxazoline: electrophile and temperature effects 1-gen-2015 Rocchetti, Maria Teresa; Abbotto, Alessandro; Perna, Filippo M.; Salomone, Antonio; Florio, Saverio; Capriati, Vito
A direct synthesis of 3-acyl-4-hydroxy-2-pyranone derivatives via palladium-catalyzed carbonylation of α-chloroketones. A cascade reaction involving acylketenes 1-gen-2015 Perrone, Serena; Caroli, Antonio; Cannazza, Giuseppe; Granito, Catia; Salomone, Antonio; Troisi, Luigino
Unexpected lateral-lithiation-induced alkylative ring opening of tetrahydrofurans in deep eutectic solvents: synthesis of functionalised primary alcohols 1-gen-2015 Sassone, Francesca C.; Perna, Filippo M.; Salomone, Antonio; Florio, Saverio; Capriati, Vito
Organotrifluoroborates as attractive self-assembling systems: the case of bifunctional dipotassium phenylene-1,4-bis(trifluoroborate) 1-gen-2015 Falcicchio, Aurelia; Nilsson Lill, Sten O; Perna, Filippo M; Salomone, Antonio; Coppi, Donato I; Cuocci, Corrado; Stalke, Dietmar; Capriati, Vito
Water opens the door to organolithiums and Grignard reagents: exploring and comparing the reactivity of highly polar organometallic compounds in unconventional reaction media towards the synthesis of tetrahydrofurans 1-gen-2016 Cicco, Luciana; Sblendorio, Stefania; Mansueto, Rosmara; Perna, Filippo M.; Salomone, Antonio; Florio, Saverio; Capriati, Vito
Conjugate Additions of Organolithiums to Electron-poor Olefins: A Simple and Useful Approach to the Synthesis of Complex Molecules 1-gen-2016 Vitale, Paola; Capriati, Vito; Florio, Saverio; Perna, Filippo; Salomone, Antonio
Heterocycle-Mediated ortho-Functionalization of Aromatic Compounds: The DoM Methodology and Synthetic Utility 1-gen-2016 Florio, Saverio; Salomone, Antonio
Enhanced solubility and antibacterial activity of lipophilic fluoro-substituted N-benzoyl-2-aminobenzothiazoles by complexation with β-cyclodextrins 1-gen-2016 Trapani, A; De Laurentis, N; Armenise, D; Carrieri, A; Defrenza, I; Rosato, A; Mandracchia, D; Tripodo, G; Salomone, Antonio; Capriati, V; Franchini, C; Corbo, F.
Palladium-catalyzed carbonylative coupling of α-chloroketones with hydrazines: a simple route to pyrazolone derivatives 1-gen-2016 Capua, Martina; Granito, Catia; Perrone, Serena; Salomone, Antonio; Troisi, Luigino
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