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CFD modelling of the impact of urban hedgerows on air quality in an idealized street canyon 1-gen-2017 Buccolieri, R.; Gatto, Elisa; Congedo, P. M.; Baglivo, C.; Gromke, C.
Application of green indices to evaluate the impact of central green space on air quality and microclimate in Nanjing (China) 1-gen-2018 Buccolieri, R.; Rui, L.; Gatto, E.; Gao, Z.; Ding, W.
CFD modelling of the impact of hedges on pollutant dispersion in an isolated street canyon 1-gen-2018 Buccolieri, R.; Gatto, E.; Congedo, P. M.; Gromke, C.
The impact of trees on street ventilation, NOx and PM2.5 concentrations across heights in Marylebone Rd street canyon, central London 1-gen-2018 Buccolieri, Riccardo; Jeanjean, Antoine P. R.; Gatto, Elisa; Leigh, Roland J.
The “plant evaluation model” for the assessment of the impact of vegetation on outdoor microclimate in the urban environment 1-gen-2019 Yang, Yujin; Gatto, Elisa; Gao, Zhi; Buccolieri, Riccardo; Morakinyo, Tobi Eniolu; Lan, Hongning
Changes in olive urban forests infected by xylella fastidiosa: Impact on microclimate and social health 1-gen-2019 Semeraro, T.; Gatto, E.; Buccolieri, R.; Vergine, M.; Gao, Z.; De Bellis, L.; Luvisi, A.
Study of the effect of green quantity and structure on thermal comfort and air quality in an urban-like residential district by ENVI-met modelling 1-gen-2019 Rui, Liyan; Buccolieri, Riccardo; Gao, Zhi; Gatto, Elisa; Ding, Wowo
On the impact of trees on ventilation in a real street in Pamplona, Spain 1-gen-2019 Santiago, J. -L.; Buccolieri, R.; Rivas, E.; Sanchez, B.; Martilli, A.; Gatto, E.; Martin, F.
Impact of Urban vegetation on outdoor thermal comfort: Comparison between a Mediterranean city (Lecce, Italy) and a northern European city (Lahti, Finland) 1-gen-2020 Gatto, E.; Buccolieri, R.; Aarrevaara, E.; Ippolito, F.; Emmanuel, R.; Perronace, L.; Santiago, J. L.
Characterization of urban greening in a District of Lecce (Southern Italy) for the analysis of CO2 storage and air pollutant dispersion 1-gen-2020 Buccolieri, R.; Gatto, E.; Manisco, M.; Ippolito, F.; Santiago, J. L.; Gao, Z.
A conceptual framework to design green infrastructure: Ecosystem services as an opportunity for creating shared value in ground photovoltaic systems 1-gen-2020 Semeraro, T.; Aretano, R.; Barca, A.; Pomes, A.; Del Giudice, C.; Gatto, E.; Lenucci, M.; Buccolieri, R.; Emmanuel, R.; Gao, Z.; Scognamiglio, A.
Towards a comprehensive urban air quality modelling and population exposure assessment: Relationship between outdoor pollutant concentration in sidewalks and indoor pollution inside buildings 1-gen-2020 Santiago, J. L.; Rivas, E.; Buccolieri, R.; Martilli, A.; Vivanco, M. G.; Borge, R.; Gatto, E.; Martin, F.
The challenge in the management of historic trees in urban environments during climate change: The case of corso trieste (Rome, Italy) 1-gen-2021 Gatto, E.; Buccolieri, R.; Perronace, L.; Santiago, J. L.
Study of the Effects of Urban Vegetation on Thermal Comfort in a Neighbourhood of Lahti (Finland) 1-gen-2021 Gatto, E.; Buccolieri, R.; Aarrevaara, E.; Perronace, L.; Emmanuel, R.; Gao, Z.; Santiago, J. L.
How ecosystem services can strengthen the regeneration policies for monumental olive groves destroyed by xylella fastidiosa bacterium in a peri-urban area 1-gen-2021 Semeraro, T.; Gatto, E.; Buccolieri, R.; Catanzaro, V.; De Bellis, L.; Cotrozzi, L.; Lorenzini, G.; Vergine, M.; Luvisi, A.
Analysis of urban greening scenarios for improving outdoor thermal comfort in neighbourhoods of Lecce (Southern Italy) 1-gen-2021 Gatto, E.; Ippolito, F.; Rispoli, G.; Carlo, O. S.; Santiago, J. L.; Aarrevaara, E.; Emmanuel, R.; Buccolieri, R.
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