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Diversity, specificity, co-occurrence and hub taxa of the bacterial-fungal pollen microbiome 1-gen-2018 Ambika Manirajan, B.; Maisinger, C.; Ratering, S.; Rusch, V.; Schwiertz, A.; Cardinale, M.; Schnell, S.
In situ analysis of the bacterial community associated with the reindeer lichen Cladonia arbuscula reveals predominance of Alphaproteobacteria 1-gen-2008 Cardinale, M.; Vieira De Castro, Jr. J.; Muller, H.; Berg, G.; Grube, M.
Molecular analysis of lichen-associated bacterial communities 1-gen-2006 Cardinale, M.; Puglia, A. M.; Grube, M.
Monitoring the plant epiphyte Methylobacterium extorquens DSM 21961 by real-time PCR and its influence on the strawberry flavor 1-gen-2010 Verginer, M.; Siegmund, B.; Cardinale, M.; Muller, H.; Choi, Y.; Miguez, C. B.; Leitner, E.; Berg, G.
Strain-specific colonization pattern of Rhizoctonia antagonists in the root system of sugar beet 1-gen-2010 Zachow, C.; Fatehi, J.; Cardinale, M.; Tilcher, R.; Berg, G.
Mostrati risultati da 1 a 5 di 5
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