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A recent identification of a new glume wheat type: a biometrical and morphological study of spikelet forks from the Neolithic levels in Mersin-YumukTepe (Turkey). 1-gen-2010 B., Ulas; Fiorentino, Girolamo
Acorn gatherers: fruit storage and processing in Southeastern Italy during the Bronze age. 1-gen-2010 Primavera, Milena; Fiorentino, Girolamo
Archaeobotanical analysis of the Middle Bronze age village of Filo Braccio at Filicudi (Aeolian Islands, Italy): spatial analysis and the identification of different activity areas. 1-gen-2010 C., D’Oronzo; A., Stellati; Fiorentino, Girolamo
Bread for the Gods: macro-and microscopical analyses of bread fragments from a religious context in Southeastern Italy. 1-gen-2010 C., D’Oronzo; G., Aruta; Fiorentino, Girolamo
Cereals for the Carpetanians: archaeobotanical research in El Llano de la Horca, a Late Iron age Oppidum (Santorcaz, Madrid, Spain). 1-gen-2010 P., Uzquiano; C., D’Oronzo; Fiorentino, Girolamo; B., Ruiz Zapata; M. J., Gil Garcia; G., Martens; M., Contreras; G., Ruiz Zapatero; E., Baquedano
Isotopic and biometrical analyses of charred caryopses from a Middle Bronze age storage pit at Ebla (Northwest Syria): a tool for identifying ancient crop provenance? 1-gen-2010 Fiorentino, Girolamo; Caracuta, Valentina
Morpho and biometrical analysis of grape pips from the Middle Minoan site of Monastiraki (Crete, Greece). 1-gen-2010 F., Solinas; Fiorentino, Girolamo
New perspectives about the history of Citrus in the Western Mediterranean: a multidisciplinary investigation in the Campania region (Italy). 1-gen-2010 S., Coubray; Fiorentino, Girolamo; V., Zech Matterne; M., Bui Thi; C., Pagnoux
Waterlogged grape remains (Vitis vinifera ssp. vinifera L.) from a Byzantine well at Supersano, Southeast Italy: remains of wine making? 1-gen-2010 Grasso, ANNA MARIA; Fiorentino, Girolamo
Mostrati risultati da 1 a 9 di 9
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